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Set Aerógrafo Crayola Marker

Produce efectos frescos aerógrafo sobre papel, ropa y ventanas Gire marcadores en aerosol arte Desarrollado Kid no necesita baterías Incluye marcadores lavables, marcadores de tela, plantillas y papel También funciona con el estándar de marcadores Crayola Broadline

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Descripción del fabricante

Create airbrush art with the Crayola Marker Airbrush set. Twelve included markers--eight for paper and four for fabric--are pressurized by an airbrush machine to spray ink, giving kids a fun new way to use markers. The set can also be expanded with Windows markers (sold separately) that allow kids to decorate glass. Also, the four included stencil sheets are great for creating precise designs and inspiring young artists.

Crayola Marker Airbrush Set
Create cool airbrush effects with the airbrush sprayer and your favorite Crayola markers! View larger.

Creative Spray Art from Markers

The Crayola Marker Airbrush set gives kids a whole new way to use markers: by spraying them! The spray nozzle delivers ink through pressure, giving young artists a fun way to express their creativity. Kids can move the nozzle closer to the paper for a darker, more defined line, or pull it back to create a fuzzier look.

Fun Stencils for Attractive Designs

Four included stencil sheets give kids a great way to create more polished designs and to be inspired about their creations. The stencils include everything from a water template with jellyfish, sharks, and crabs, to a space theme with rockets, planets, and stars.

Each stencil also has a patterned edge, so kids can add fancy borders to their designs.

Kid-Powered, Easy Setup

The Marker Airbrush is simple for kids to use: just push the marker into the spray nozzle, pump the handle to build pressure, and pull the trigger to spray. Since it operates using pressure, the Marker Airbrush doesn't require any batteries or cords.

Simplified Cleanup

While the Marker Airbrush process is not mess-free (our testers ended up with dots of ink on their hands from the spray),the set is designed for easy cleanup. The nonfabric markers are washable, and the spray nozzle can be wiped with a paper towel or rinsed. Ink does not flow through the pressure tube.

The Marker Airbrush does not have a wide spray, but our testers still recommend a washable, nonfabric surface under the paper for those times when spraying runs outside the edges, or the ink bleeds through the paper.

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