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Reloj para caballero correa de goma Negra Stuhrling Original 539,33161 Ocio Gen-X Crucible XT

(Stuhrling Original Men's 539.33161 Leisure Gen-X Crucible XT Automatic Skeleton Black Rubber Strap Watch)

Acero inoxidable pulido y cepillado acabado en forma de caja redonda con negras decorativas tornillos en el bisel
Cristal Krysterna protección en la parte delantera y trasera
Dial de esqueleto negro con placa frontal y el tono de plata aplicado marcadores con forma de cuadrados
Negro de silicona de alta calidad Correa de caucho con hebilla de acero inoxidable espiga
Sumergible hasta 50 m (165 pies)

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Antes: Q1,599
Precio: Q1,449

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Este producto fue vendido por última vez el 11/04/2015, 09:57 a.m.

Descripción del fabricante

Stuhrling Original

The Crucible XT is the second timepiece in Stuhrling Original’s collection to utilize this incredible 46mm solid stainless steel case. The bezel features a beautiful brushed finish with polished caliper-style extensions at 12 and 6 o’clock that includes Stuhrling’s signature “S” screws. The beautifully skeletonized dial allows you to see the ST-90089 automatic movement, which is decorated with Cotes Circulaire. Every aspect of this watch was uniquely engineered to produce an unbelievable finish. The Crucible XT comes equipped with a seamlessly integrated high grade silicone rubber strap.

Krysterna Crystals

Krysterna is proprietary to Stührling Original and refers to the crystals that are used in its timepieces. Krysterna stems from the eyewear industry and has more strength over a spread surface area than sapphire. Krysterna crystals are more scratch resistant than mineral crystals and more shatter resistant than sapphire crystals.

Stuhrling Original

The Gen-X Family is part of the Leisure Collection, a group of timepieces designed to fit comfortably with your own sense of style. These timepieces feature a modern design that caters to the ever-changing trends in the watch world.

Summary of Features

• Complications: Classic Three Hand Movement

Automatic watches do not operate on batteries. Automatic watches are made up of about 130 or more parts that work together to tell time. Automatic movements mark the passage of time by a series of gear mechanisms, and are wound by the movement of your wrist as you wear it. The gear train then transmits the power to the escapement, which distributes the impulses, turning the balance wheel. The balance wheel is the time regulating organ of a mechanical watch, which vibrates on a spiral hairspring. Lengthening or shortening the balance spring makes the balance wheel go faster or slower to advance or retard the watch. The travel of the balance wheel from one extreme to the other and back again is called oscillation. Lastly, automatic movements come in different types, including movements that are Swiss-made, Japanese-made, and more.

Also referred to as self-winding, watches with automatic movements utilize kinetic energy, the swinging of your arm, to provide energy to an oscillating rotor to keep the watch ticking. They're considered more satisfying to watch collectors (horologists) because of the engineering artistry that goes into the hundreds of parts that make up the movement. If you do not wear an automatic watch consistently (for about 8 to 12 hours a day), you can keep the watch powered with a watch winder (a great gift for collectors).

• Dial: Skeleton Dial
• Hands: Sword-Style Hands
• Markers: Individually Applied Square Indices

Diagrams of Features

Stuhrling Original

Stuhrling Original

The Stuhrling Original Story



With dedication to the heritage of Swiss watchmaking, Stührling Original timepieces appeal to the most discriminating taste at reasonable prices. Through meticulous labor and rigorous testing, the vision of the Stührling Original timepiece is brought to life inside our workshops, where “Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of intelligent effort.”

Assembling a Stührling Original mechanical automatic movement comprises no less than 30 checkpoints, spread throughout the assembly process. The movement must meet more than 7 criteria, including a mean variation in rate which is the highest standard in its class in the industry. Stührling Original remains committed to its mission of preserving the high standards set in Switzerland manufacturing on all of their fine timepieces in their Swiss-owned factory. Each and every model conveys an inimitable story with extraordinary style.

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