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Afeitadora Eléctrica Recargable Panasonic ES8243A para hombre con 4 cuchillas Uso Húmedo y seco.

(Panasonic ES8243A Men's 4-Blade (Arc 4) Wet/Dry Rechargeable Electric Shaver with Nanotech Blades)

máquina de afeitar lavable para uso húmedo / seco
4 láminas afeitado (4 externas y 2 interiores)
Modo de limpieza turbo
Hoja de acero inoxidable

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Precio: Q1,299


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Descripción del fabricante

Product Description

Panasonic ES8243A is a 4-Blade Shaving System offers 30 Degree Nanotech Blades that enable whiskers to be cut more cleanly at the root, 13,000 RPM Linear Motor Drive System delivers a cleaner, smoother shave without the pulling and tugging that can occur with slowing shavers and maintains peak power right up to the end of the charge. The Arc Foil moves the shaver in a circular motion which follows the contours of your face for a more efficient coverage and maximum comfort. Use the shaver with Shaving Gel or dry and is 100% waterproof, Other features include: Built-in Pop-up Trimmer, 10-Stage LCD readout on on usage, and Travel Pouch, 45-Minute Shave on 1-Hour charge, Replacement Accessories: WES9161PC (Foil), WES9068PC (Inner Blade) and WES9027PC (Combo Set), Dimensions: 6.3" (H) x 2.4" (W) x 1.8" (L), Blue

From the Manufacturer

Panasonic ES8243A Men's 4-Blade (Arc 4) Wet/Dry Rechargeable Electric Shaver with Nanotech Blades, Blue

Panasonic ES8243A Men's 4-Blade (Arc 4) Wet/Dry Rechargeable Electric Shaver with Nanotech Blades offers remarkable shaving on the first pass. Equipped with a quadruple foil and four cutting blades, the cutting surface of this shaver has been expanded by 32 percent, offering a better shave with each stroke. The blades are powered by Panasonic's linear motor, which operates at an amazingly fast rate so even the thickest beards or no match for this shaver.

Innovative Technology Provides the Best Shave

Nanotechnology was used to polish the industry's sharpest 30-degree blades to achieve even better cutting performance. This Panasonic ES8243A Men's 4-Blade (Arc 4) Wet/Dry Rechargeable Electric Razor with Nanotech Blades expanded cutting surface not only provides an efficient shave, but it also spreads the pressure, which naturally occurs when applying the razor to the skin, so users have found it to perform without the irritation found on lesser models.

The fourth finishing blade provides an additional cutting opportunity not found on triple-blade shavers. In addition, the foils and blades on this razor are "arced" so they nestle gently into the skin for our closest shave ever. The foil glides evenly for uniform shaving on all surfaces of the face.

Get Great Shaving Results with Ultra Speed

At the heart of Panasonic ES8243A Men's 4-Blade (Arc 4) Wet/Dry Rechargeable Electric Shaver with Nanotech Blades lies Panasonic's patented Linear Motor. It operates at an amazingly fast 13,000 rpm to cut through the thickest of beards. Standard razors operate at a pedestrian 8,000 to 10,000 rpm.

To top it all off, this razor also features wet/dry operation, so you can use it in the convenience of your shower or for dry shaving when you have less time. A liquid crystal display indicates battery charge level by 10 steps and a cleaning reminder. This Panasonic Razor also comes equipped with a convenient travel case.

There is nothing slow about this razor. Even clean-up is at hyper speed. Simply hold the razor under running water and activate the Turbo mode. The razor accelerates up to 17,000 RPM and vibrates off any remaining whiskers.

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